Dapps Bracket Guidelines


Our objective is to recognize and celebrate innovative projects and decentralized applications (dApps) that are pioneering the evolution of the web3 ecosystem. These projects can be anywhere and are not limited to those using QuickNode. We aim to generate buzz in the web3 space given the current market conditions. This friendly competition is designed to engage all participating companies and introduce fun new marketing ideas to the space.


Key Features:

1. Broad Scope: This campaign aims to capture the vastness and diversity of the web3 ecosystem without limiting its scope to any one platform or network.

2. Engaging Format: To generate excitement and community engagement, we will adopt a bracket-style competition where projects compete head-to-head in community votes until an ultimate winner emerges.

3. Objective Criteria: Community votes will play a major role, but projects will also be assessed based on their innovation, user experience, utility, and contribution to the web3 community.


Benefits to Companies/Projects/What’s in it for me:

1. Increased Visibility: All participating projects will receive a spotlight. This can help to drive traffic, gain users, and attract potential investors.

2. Community Engagement: The bracket format will encourage project communities to rally behind them, ensuring active participation and promoting healthy competition.

3. Recognition: Being recognized by the Summer Awards is a mark of excellence. This can further bolster a project’s credibility and reputation in the web3 space.


How to Participate:

1. Nomination Phase: Projects can be nominated either by themselves or by their communities. A dedicated portal will be set up for this purpose.

2. Selection Phase: A committee will screen the nominations to shortlist projects based on the aforementioned criteria.

3. Voting Rounds: Once the brackets are set, the community will be invited to vote for their favorite projects in each head-to-head matchup.

4. Announcement: The winners of each round, as well as the ultimate champion of the Summer Awards, will be announced on our platform and partner channels.


What can I win:

- QuickNode platform credits

- Swag kits

- Gift cards

- Raffle giveaways that includes free industry events

- And more!



Dapps Bracket Rules

These terms apply to individuals casting votes ("Voters") on projects shortlisted for QuickNode's Back to the Bull Bracket Challenge and the nominated projects.


1. Voting starts on Monday, August 30th at 7 AM Eastern and runs until Wednesday, September 29thth at 6 PM Eastern (referred to as the "Voting Period"). Voters can participate by visiting go.quicknode.com/dapps-bracket.


2. Throughout the Voting Period, Voters have the liberty to support their preferred project under stipulated categories (e.g., Dapps and dapp tooling, Gaming, and social) while adhering to the following criteria and constraints:


a. To cast a vote, Voters should furnish their full legal name along with a legitimate email address. QuickNode will manage the data collected on Dapp's Bracket landing page in line with its Privacy Policy.


b. Voters are allowed to vote once across all classifications. If a Voter attempts to surpass this limitation by employing multiple identities or email IDs, their vote will be deemed invalid.


c. Nominated projects, their proprietors, or staff are strictly barred from securing votes through dishonest or inappropriate practices, which includes but is not confined to:

- Multiple Submissions: Submitting votes from the same person using multiple accounts or identities.

- Bots or Automated Scripts: Employing bots or automated scripts to cast votes.

- Misleading Information: Providing false or misleading information to sway users’ voting decisions.

- Quid Pro Quo: Offering goods, services, or money in exchange for votes.

- Exploiting Vulnerabilities: Taking advantage of any potential website or system vulnerabilities to manipulate vote counts.

- Harassment or Coercion: Pressuring, threatening, or harassing individuals to vote for a particular project.

- Spamming: Overwhelming platforms, forums, or groups with repetitive messages or posts to solicit votes.

- Misuse of Branding: Using QuickNode’s name, logo, or any other brand elements in a way that falsely suggests endorsement or affiliation beyond the scope of the contest.

- Vote Trading: Arranging with others to exchange votes for one’s own advantage.